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Special One Time Offer

The SMART Blogger's Toolkit

The Essentials You Need To Get Your Blog Off The Ground

Don’t Do This Alone… Fast Track to Success

Imagine launching your blog with confidence, knowing that you have all the essential tools and most importantly the knowledge to succeed.

Whether you're a complete beginner or someone who's tried and failed before, "The SMART Blogger's Toolkit - The Essentials You Need To Get Your Blog Off The Ground" is designed to guide you step-by-step through the process so that you are well-prepared. This comprehensive multi-part toolkit eliminates the technical aspects of creating a blog and equips you with the solid foundation you need to create, brand, and launch your blog successfully.

Dive in and discover the key elements that make the difference between an overwhelmed and failed blogging journey and one that is filled with pleasure and success.


Hey, I'm Georges!

For over a decade, I've been guiding bloggers and entrepreneurs just like you through the maze of website creation.

I've compiled this toolkit to help bloggers get started without the frustration I’ve seen others go through.

What You'll Learn!

  • The No-Tech blog preparation steps

    Learn how to prepare for the creation of your blog site with minimal tech involvement. Avoid one of the biggest mistakes beginners make by diving into their blog site creation unprepared, resulting in tech overwhelm, mistakes that could have been prevented and frustration. Discover a step-by-step process to line up everything you need so that when you're ready to start your blog, you're fully prepared and confident.

  • The Getting Started Must-Have Content

    You may have heard this saying ‘Content is king’. When it comes to creating content, more often than none, less is best, especially at the beginning. But how much content do you really need to get started? Discover the three essential types of content to create to launch your blog successfully. You'll learn how to craft a simple homepage and a few single posts, focusing on quality over quantity to make a strong first impression.

  • The two most important Blog Life Cycles and how to become a SMART Blogger

    There are two crucial aspects of blogging that I call the Blog Life Cycles. Learn why considering these before you start is essential for a successful blogging journey. Get these right, and you'll be on your way to becoming a SMART Blogger with a clear path to growth and sustainability.

  • How to choose the best blogging software/platform to create your blog

    Once you have everything ready to create your blog, you will need to choose a software / platform to create your blog site. It is absolutely critical to get this part right. Learn about the various options available and discover my top recommendation. This knowledge will help you choose a platform that simplifies the tech side, allowing you to focus on creating great content without frustration.

  • The simple blog Brand Kit approach

    You are going to learn how to create your unique brand using simple tools. You’ll learn how to select fonts and color palettes that reflect your blog’s personality. You’ll also discover where to find copyright-free images and how to size them to ensure you build a cohesive and visually appealing blog site without having to worry about copyright infringement. Note: grabbing images from Google isn’t the right way.

  • The different blog post layouts

    Explore multiple layouts you can choose from for your blog page and your blog single posts and understand their pros and cons. Learn why it's important to keep it simple initially by choosing a flexible layout that can grow with your blog. This approach prevents overthinking and helps you start with a strong foundation.

  • The Legal Pages fill in the blanks creation process

    You’ll learn how to create the necessary legal pages for your blog with ease using fill-in-the-blank templates. When it’s time to launch, you can simply copy and paste your pre-prepared content onto your blog's legal pages, ensuring compliance and professionalism from the very beginning.

  • The mistakes to avoid for a successful blogging journey

    The BIGGEST challenging aspect of blogging is at the beginning. Starting your blog right means you avoid the common pitfalls that only reveal themselves later. Learn some of the critical mistakes to avoid to ensure your blog is set up with a solid foundation that allows you to grow and succeed. This insight will give you the confidence and peace of mind to launch your blog without unnecessary setbacks.

Here's What You Get Today:


Plug-and-Play Quick Start Prep Guide

No tech involved, simply follow the steps, fill-in the blanks and prepare everything you’ll need to start your blog.


On-Demand Video Library

Every step of the preparation is introduced with a short video so that you see exactly what to do without overwhelm.


One-Page Pre-Launch Checklist

Simply check what you’ve done as you complete a task so that you can easily keep track of your progress. Check'n Done!


Get-it-Done SMART Email Series

There’s no better way than getting a daily short email with a video one-action step to help you be accountable and Get-It-Done.

30-Day ~ 100% Money Back Guarantee

I provide a high quality and most comprehensible training material tailored specifically for tech-shy beginners. When you sign up for THE SMART BLOGGER'S TOOLKIT, I will do everything I can to make sure you are fully satisfied or I will promptly refund you 100% of your purchase.


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Special One Time Offer

The SMART Blogger's Toolkit

The Essentials You Need To Get Your Blog Off The Ground

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Yes, Georges! I want to build the solid foundation I need to create, brand, and launch my blog successfully by getting the SMART Blogger's Toolkit today!

Here’s how I’ll get there:

  • I’ll prepare for the creation of my blog site with minimal tech involvement, by following the step-by-step process to line up everything I need so that when I’m ready to start my blog, I’ll be fully prepared and confident.

  • I’ll get access to the tools and shortcuts so that I can avoid the mistakes, the tech overwhelm and the frustration, and instead I will be on my way to becoming a SMART Blogger with a clear path to growth and sustainability.

  • I’ll get the support, guidance and help I need (Georges is never more than an email away…). I will NOT be left alone trying to figure this out on my own. Instead, I’ll fast track to success.

Here’s my details:

The SMART Blogger's Toolkit is normally priced at $97. You can get an amazing $60 OFF this price on this page only. The catch? You have until the timer expires below. If you don’t take action right now, you’ll never see this discount again.


What Happens After Payment?

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The SMART Blogger's Toolkit

The Essentials You Need To Get Your Blog Off The Ground


Here's What You Get…

  • Plug-and-Play Quick Start Prep Guide ~ to help you prepare everything you’ll need to start your blog

  • Unlimited Access to the On-Demand Video Library ~ so that you see exactly what to do without overwhelm

  • Your One-Page Pre-Launch Checklist ~ to make it easy for you to keep track of your progress

  • Daily Get-it-Done SMART Email Series ~ to help you be accountable and simply Get-It-Done

  • 30-Day ~ 100% Money Back Guarantee ~ to make it risk-free to you


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