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With Donna Blevins, PhD

Speaker Secrets Replays Plus...

11am Replay

You can turn free-speaking into a highly-profitable tool by taking action. Discover some of the steps you might be missing.

7pm Replay

Since coming online in 2010, Donna has discovered that giving the same class twice in one day often produces different gems.

Donna and her team were delighted that the second session was even better.

When you speak from your heart and connect with your audience, students, and peers, you'll learn and grow every single time.

Example of Speaker Reel & Speaker Sheet

Here's one of Donna's reels: 3-minutes on stage & online

Example of copy below a Speaker Reel

Donna's copy:

If you're looking for a TRANSFORMATIONAL speaker for your next conference or you're hoping to ramp up your team's mindset, Donna Blevins raises the bar.

As a 6-foot 5-inch tall woman, she combines message and humor to delight and inspire your teammates, your crew, your audience, and yes, even you. Yet, there's more.

Donna teaches people how to shift their mental gears in an instant... in the moment... with the snap of a finger!

The mindset secret?

"The words you choose set yourself up for either success or failure." ~ Donna Blevins

The brain is the most powerful tool you own, yet most people fail to understand it. Imagine the possibilities if you could harness the power of this magnificent biological supercomputer!

MindShifting will teach you to tap into this potential and be the best version of yourself: confident, authentic, and in control!

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