Course Creation SIMPLIFIED 2-Hour Masterclass – December 2021 – MindShift On-Demand

Course Creation SIMPLIFIED 2-Hour Masterclass – December 2021


Course Creation SIMPLIFIED 2-Hour Masterclass – December 2021


Course Creation SIMPLIFIED

Saturday, Dec 11 on Zoom

noon ET | 11am CT | 10am MT | 9am PT

BONUS the following Friday, Dec 17

Course Recording & Delivery SIMPLIFIED
2-Hour Masterclass (same time)

Course Creation SIMPLIFIED

How to Start Making Money Even With a Tiny List

2-Hour Masterclass - Saturday, Dec 11

noon ET | 11am CT | 10am MT | 9am PT

Your Takeaways

  • Learn the Simple Framework for creating mini-courses and masterclasses - the foundation for your Suite of Online Courses
  • Get the checklist for Creating Tiny Courses Fast
  • Receive the Effective Registration Page Blueprint

Why attend LIVE? So that you can ask your Questions and receive real time Answers.

What if you can't come LIVE? That's Okay. You'll have access to all the replays and downloadable resources.

You don't have to be perfect. Just get it out there sooner rather than later.

"I felt the difference the first time. You gave me a way to take negativity that seeps into my body & mind & release it."


"Thank you for making a difference in my life when I truly needed it. I thank God for you."

~US Military Veteran

BONUS: First-Time Offered

Course Recording & Delivery SIMPLIFIED

Turning Complex Technology into Simple Steps

2-Hour Masterclass - Friday, Dec 17

noon ET | 11am CT | 10am MT | 9am PT

Your Takeaways

  • The simple setup to increase your LIVE attendees
  • The most important 30 minutes
  • How to prepare to keep it simple
  • The habit you create so that attendees know you are speaking directly with them
  • The 3 most important words you want to hear
  • The importance of naming to avoid confusion
  • The secret to turning LIVES into Evergreen

More unexpected...

  • You'll learn how to turn down the firehose
  • The balance between too much and too little.
  • How to create your own template so you can deliver fast
Donna Blevins virtual house call

Donna Blevins here...

As a mindshift coach, I've helped people shift their thinking for more than four decades. Believe me, I know how it feels to think your course has to be perfect before it gets out there.

I also know how good it feels to simply get a course finished even before realizing it is ready.

You'll be thrilled calling forth your courageous, badass self and getting out of your own way.

I look forward to sharing the simple secrets within Course Creation SIMPLIFIED with YOU.

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