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The Crossroads of Poker and Transformation

During my search for life's secret, I stumbled onto poker… a simple card game anyone can play.

At first, it was a diversion from the chaos of my everyday existence. Then, it became my passion.

As I mastered the game, my world improved. I was stronger, more confident… even happier.

Other people noticed and wanted to know how that happened. They wanted some of whatever it was I was on, and, as if by chance, I became a poker coach focused on helping people learn how to shift their mindset in the moment.

My intention and my pledge:

  • To give you MindShifting™ tools you can immediately use to reduce the time it takes you to learn to play winning poker.


By approaching learning through the whole you.

Rather than look at the game as separate and distinct from the rest of you, see it as an extension of you.

When you sit down at a poker table, as if by magic, a transformation occurs. The result is a clear, uncluttered view of you without all your daily distractions.

This is a fact.

The more secure and at peace you are in your own skin, the more confident and at ease you are at the table.

What's more, the reverse is also true. As you gain expertise at the table, your life improves.

In short, poker and life mirror each other.

Your game profits from your daily skills, and your life benefits from your poker. Each time I sit down, the experience helps me take another step toward personal excellence.

It is no longer a secret: Poker is a concrete, transformation tool that is easy, fun, and profitable. That is an interesting crossroads.

I promise to share my skills, ideals, and insights with you as your poker coach, mentor, and friend.

Donna Blevins
Poker MindSet Coach


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