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7-Second MindShift Master Plan 2.0


4 thoughts on “The 7-Second MindShift Master Plan 2.0 (4 week)”

  1. HI Donna,
    I love when something I already use is verified in another modality! That way I know it’s true.

    Along with other techniques, the one’s to mention are detachment by releasing the energy attachment of something by putting it outside your body and investigating it and pulling up on the crown of the head, releasing the parietal bones. So cool.

    A question. You had us look up to the right corner of the room then to the back corner on the right. Never the left? Or did I misunderstand? Why just that one side?

    1. Hi Sally,

      I may have misspoken. Cornering includes all four. The sequence is whichever way you are moved to corner, as long as you go front to back.

      Crisscrossing might unsettle.

      Seeing this in print, I’m inspired to move back-to-front-to-front-to-back. Hmm…

      Smoother. BUT seems the move needs an anchor, and I’ve always looked right-front first.

      Just as with any MindShift Exercise, make it your own. Allow your inner wisdom to customize it to fit you. You come first.

      Hope you enjoy being with me as I massage the technique.


  2. Donna, check out my private journal. I added quite a bit. I included some more details.

    I don’t feel finished, I believe it is my first draft that needs tweaking and refinement. I like to sleep on things. I believe I added some things I want you to know about me. I kept it in third person. It is easier that way. I look forward to your feedback.


    1. Yes, I did Sue, and replied with thoughts by email.

      When you comment here, the system emails me with a copy of your comment. When I reply back to the email, it goes back to you. That’s great.

      When we are working on a project document on Google drive and you would like me to review, assign from the document using my gmail account that you now have. I will refrain from mentioning the email here, because I might be changing gmails.

      You are taking proactive steps and I am proud of you, Sue.


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