MindShifting Deep Dive 2.0 Masterclass – MindShift On-Demand

As a thank you for investing in yourself and confirming that my methods of MindShifting™ do work, you're getting it all:

  • Video replays
  • PDF of the slides
  • Chat journal—my way of making the chat fun to read that gives you more reminders about the experience
  • BONUS: Audio of Hmm.. isn't that interesting?

So many people had asked for just that, the audio is short and you can listen to it here in the HUB or download and take with you.

As you hear my voice and see my face—whether LIVE or recorded—know that I am speaking directly with you and connecting heart-to-heart.

Together, we’ll do a deep dive into MindShift On-Demand™, where I personally help lay the foundation and guide you through my signature MindShift Exercises™ Hmm... Isn't That Interesting?

The process is a game-changer for sure. You'll learn how to shift your mindset in the moment—in seconds—and experience positive changes that ripple throughout your life.

MindShifting Deep Dive™


6 thoughts on “MindShifting Deep Dive 2.0 Masterclass”

  1. Hi Donna,

    Thank you. I am in the hub now. I did sign up and pay for the class that starts Oct. 1, but it does not show. I did that on Sat or Sun. It shows that the $97 was paid, but not on the hub. What do I do now? I think I even got an email saying I was signed up, but I did not do it from the hub. I did it from the original link that you sent me.

    1. Hi Sue, great! I saw you enrolled, and an email came to me when you commented here. So good!!

      The Oct 1 class replay area will be created as we go, rather than being a prepackaged program.

      Since you brought this up, I think it’s a great idea to create a pre-game get-ready lesson for the Oct 1, 7-Second MindShift Master Plan 2.0, rather than focus on communicating just through email.

      Thanks a bunch!

      PS. I LOVE you communicating in the comment section of the HUB. When I respond to you there, are you notified?

      I’m going to cc this email and add to the connect thread in the HUB

    2. Sue, each class has a separate section and has its own enroll link, unless I can figure out how to get the cart hooked up so that you are automatically registered inside the HUB. I’d like that to happen, so let’s vision it together 😀


    3. One more thing Sue. Are you notified by email from the MindShift HUB when someone else replies to your comment in the thread?

      I’m liking this so much better than social where there is a ton of distraction.


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The brain is the most powerful tool you own, yet most people fail to understand it. Imagine the possibilities if you could harness the power of this magnificent biological supercomputer!

MindShifting will teach you to tap into this potential and be the best version of yourself: confident, authentic, and in control!

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