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2 thoughts on “Course Creation AMPLIFIED Done-With-You Mastery Series (12-week)”

  1. Donna,

    I think it would be helpful to have the schedule in here. I am not sure which week we are on. I have it in my calendar by date, but not which week we are in. I am trying to view Aug. 11 the evening session. I need help getting my 7 minute video together and I missed this lesson. I would like to have something for tomorrow’s meeting on Sun., Aug. 15. Thanks

    Sue Troupe

    1. Thanks Sue. Will make it a practice next time to have the schedule posted in the replay area. I had included the schedule at the end of emails for half a dozen weeks, then started thinking it was too often. Might be best to have it as a matter of course.

      Also, I’m thinking that the support tickets within this back end that Georges started might be the best way to nudge each other. The comment system doesn’t notify me/you when someone comments, unless I have overlooked setting it up correctly.

      Life is an ever-learning process.

      We so appreciate you and your insights, Sue!


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