About Donna Blevins

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Zig Ziglar said:
“Donna Blevins is someone we can all look up to, both professionally and physically!”

Donna Blevins, PhD, is transparent and openly shares how you can shift your mindset in an instant! Dr. Donna is a high-profile successful entrepreneur, who could have lost everything in one life-shattering moment. Instead, she found the keys to controlling her mind and body. Instantly, she geared up and tested the limits of her mindshifting exercises and proved they worked.

With her roots in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, Donna grew up in a coal mining camp, and ‘grow UP’ she did to a towering 6’5”. She brings a down-to-earth humorous approach to her writing, speaking and coaching, and today she stands out as the Poker MindSet Coach and is lovingly called “The Big Girl of Poker”.

While moving from poverty to prosperity, Donna lost more often than she won. Even though it’s admittedly more fun to win, Donna candidly shares her intimate story of turning losses into wins by accessing the wisdom within those mistakes.

Donna built her self-confidence over time rather than submit to low self-esteem that comes from “just not fitting in” or losing. She learned how and now she speeds up the process and will teach you how to kickstart your mindset and shift.

Along with mindshift coaching in all walks of life, Donna’s expertise has crossed over and aids Wounded Warriors with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury.

Her skillset broadens her mindshift coaching to include business people, college graduates as well as people dealing with midlife crises, retirees and poker players. Donna believes that controlling your mindset is the biggest challenge most people experience regardless of age.

Donna’s Words

“Even though I’m pragmatic and logical when I coach, it comes from my heart. That’s what intuitive coaching is all about. I’m tough while being sensitive… I use a combination of left-brain, right-brain approach to mindshift coaching on all levels.”

Professional Landmarks: model, actor, marketer, ad salesman, real estate broker and firm owner, manager, publisher, trainer, journalist, gamer, media consultant, speaker, author and coach.

Education: BFA in Graphic and Advertising Design, minor in Marketing; Masters in Metaphysics; Masters in Performance Spiritual Psychology. Since Donna believes that, “Regardless of your age, now is always the time to learn,” she went back to school at the age of 58 and finally earned her Doctorate in Metaphysical Coaching in 2015.

Recognition of Donna Blevins:

• Women in Poker Hall of Fame 2014 Nominee
• CCIM retired (Certified Commercial Investment Member), the PhD in commercial real estate
• Who’s Who and Why of Successful Florida Women
• 5-year column “Tips From The Pro” in California newspapers reaching a total circulation nearing 1,000,000
• Team SPT Pro (Senior Poker Tour)
• Finished top 4th woman out of 6,400 players at the 2007 World Series of Poker® Main Event Championship (parlayed $216 investment into a $51,000 win)

Donna Blevins Gives Back:

• Director of Public Relations for Poker Tournament Directors Association
• Florida State Director for Poker Players Alliance
• Board member for United World Healing
• Freely shares her Signature MindShift Exercise™ LIVE online and speaks in person to groups and clubs and keynotes for conferences and conventions

Stay in Touch:

Donna has finished her book, MindShift On Demand: QUICK Life-Changing Tools. To stay in touch…

… register below and get an ATOMA Taste of MindShifting and experience Donna Blevins during one of her LIVE coaching sessions. Right now, you’ll get a FREE audio of Donna’s Signature Mind Shift Exercise™ “Hmm…Isn’t that interesting”

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