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Want a Taste of MindShifting?

The book, MindShift On Demand, gives you quick and easy methods you can use instantly to shift your mindset. Register below and get an ATOMA Taste of MindShifting.

You will experience Donna Blevins during one of her LIVE coaching sessions. Right now, you’ll get a FREE audio of Donna’s Signature MindShift Exercise™ “Hmm…Isn’t That Interesting”.

It’s fast and only takes 4 minutes to learn how to shift your mindset on a dime!

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The brain is the most powerful tool you own, yet most people fail to understand it.

mindshift3D005Imagine the possibilities if you could harness the power of this magnificent biological supercomputer!

MindShift On Demand will teach you to tap into this potential and be the best version of yourself: confident, authentic and in control!

BUY the book now… Kindle and Paperback are ready!

Learn battle-tested techniques to:

  • Perform at the highest levels under pressure
  • Control your emotions instead of letting them control you
  • Eliminate negative self-talk and replace it with confidence that attracts success
  • Strengthen your body by strengthening your mind

Any mind is a terrible thing to ignore. MindShift On Demand will help you bring out the best in yours!


Author of MindShift On Demand

Donna Blevins, PhD MindShift Coach

Donna Blevins, PhD is an international professional poker player, motivational speaker and mindset coach who used her mindshifting exercises to accelerate her miraculous recovery from a life-threatening stroke. Within the book, she shares these lightning-fast methods directly with you.

Her innovative, game-based brain retraining techniques also help Wounded Warriors suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury, which earned Donna Blevins the Recognition Award from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

MindShift Exercises can help you mentally shift away from chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and emotional trauma. The book is available on Kindle and Paperback. Get yours now…

Praise for MindShift On Demand and Donna Blevins

“As one of the first editors of MindShift On Demand, I’m proud and thrilled to have been associated with this work. Any of the techniques in the book would be worth the price of admission. Her work is literally life-changing, and for some will prove life-saving.” —Daniel Melbourne

“Donna’s message is unique and universal. It never ceases to amaze me how right on she is, and how her read on any situation and intuitive sense of people, often are the catalyst to moving people through their blocks.” —Kelley O’Hara, Marketing Director, The Bicycle Casino, Los Angeles, California

“What’s most helpful is that I now have a way to put stress from daily life aside and relax, that way I can loosen up instead of tensing up…” —Mark Castrovona

“Donna Blevins is someone we can all look up to, both professionally and physically!” —Zig Ziglar

Donna Speaks Directly to You

“Despite the fact that I’m 6-feet 5-inches tall, I completely understand feeling less than. Controlling our mindset is the biggest challenge most every person experiences regardless of age, and we become our own worst enemy. Life seems to dilute our true self.”

“My intention has always been to help people find their authentic self, rather than continue to mimic those we think are better than we are. I hope and pray that MindShift On Demand helps you find and empower your authentic you.

YES! I want the 4-Minute audio!
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